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2018 Drive Report & Review Estate & Combi Review & Test Drive Volvo

Volvo V60 T6 AWD – Review & Test Drive with the new Premium Sport Estate | English

hoenkhaus Jul 23

With the new V60 Volvo shows not only the new version of the station wagon but, due to the shape, the actual successor to the V70. The V60, presented as a premium sports station wagon. It offers a wide range of equipment and driver assistant systems in addition to its modern design. I will check what the new Volvo V60 really offers during my test drive with the Volvo V60 T6 AWD. Source: http://quickcarreview.com

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Technical Details of our Test Car:
Car: Volvo V60 T6 AWD
Colour: Pebble Grey Metallic
Engine: 4-Cylinder In-Line
Displacement: 1.969 cm³
Max. Power: 228 kW (310 PS)
Max. Torque: 400 Nm
V-Max: 250 km/h
Acceleration: 0-100 km /h: 5,8 s

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